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This school year we will teach visual arts, pottery, theater, and music to the students at 3 Winston County public schools. 

Looney's Update:   

The Winston County Arts Council is still in the process of replacing repairing, cleaning and clearing out all of the buildings, and creating additions to Looney's. Sister Sara’s is now available for meetings and reunions. We’re going step-by-step, with a lot still to do.  But we’re excited about the progress! If you would like to help, pleae click the Go Fund Me link below!

Help Us Come Back to Looney’s! 

Winston County Arts Council has had the opportunity to purchase the Looney’s Amphitheatre property, which also includes the Dual Destiny Theatre. Besides the entertainment value, having this venue would benefit all of us culturally, educationally, and economically:  we would finally have a headquarters from which to produce plays, concerts, exhibits, festivals, etc. We want to have something going on all the time, including a gift shop where locals can sell their work and an interactive museum of the history of Winston County, so school children and tourists can understand how unique and beautiful this area really is. We have wanted this since our inception in 2007.

But we can’t do this without your help because we don’t have the funds needed to restore it. Please help the people of this area by donating to the Looney’s fund. Every cent goes directly toward the restoration. All our Board are volunteers; we get no money for our work because we love our people and this county.  We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit, so all donations are tax-deductible.

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts!

Click on the link below to Donate:

Twin Projects at Looney's

Twins Project at Looney's.docx.pdf

Looney's Schedule & 

Upcoming Events


-June 1,  Bluegrass 6-9  $5 dollars

-June 30, Prayer and Patriotism Service:

Celebrate God, United States, Pray for our Country. Beautiful Music, Fireworks



-Bluegrass every first Saturday of the Month. 6- 9.  $5 dollars.

FOLLOW: Looney’s Amphitheater Complex and Cultural Center Facebook

Phone 205-489-6569

Double Springs Middle School's 

‘after school’ art with Deira Robbins, art teacher.  

WCAC's art teacher, 

Deira Robbins, 

Paints with Addison Elementary's 

5th & 6th grade students 

Alabama Arts Alliance

Fifties Interactive Dinner Theatre. 

Great show, Great Food, & Brenda Ladun from ABC 33/40 came to the show. 

“Twins” Project at Looney’s 

“Twins” Project at Looney’s 


An interesting project, called the “Twins” Project, is developing right now at Looney’s Amphitheater Complex and Cultural Center as part of Winston County Arts Council’s renovation of the 13-acre property. Three sets of identical twins, all local, have been hand-picked to head the restoration of the putt-putt golf course, along with the complex’s project manager, David Jacobs, and a crew of workers who will see that their plans are carried out to the delight of all the area people who are waiting patiently for the grand opening. The ladies have been picked, not because they each have a twin, but because together they present a formidable array of talent and experience, from business acumen to landscaping. Most even played Looney Putt when they were very young, and many volunteered when the complex was previously active.

         The theme of the 18-hole mini-golf course is attractions or historical features of Winston County. The Arts Council, in keeping with its main objective of teaching fine arts as well as the history and folk arts of our county, hope that while participants enjoy playing the game, they will also be learning about the unique history of the Free State of Winston. The hope is that this, and other games and attractions that will come, will also increase tourism to the county.

         Brian Canuteson, of Elior Designs in Decatur, is doing the artwork for each hole in the course. Already completed are replicas of the Dual Destiny statue, the red rotary-dial phone used to make the first 9-1-1 phone call, Corinth Church, Houston Log Jail, Winston County Courthouse, and Looney’s Tavern, with another to come each week.

         The public is always welcome for a tour of the progress being made. If you are interested, please call J.D. Snoddy, Chairman of the Board, at 205-489-6569.


AT: Looney's Indoor Theater was so much fun!

An old Picture taken at Looney's, This is What we aspire to get back to!

Science Art with 2nd grade 

at Meek 

science art with kindergarten at Meek 

THANK YOU, Alabama Power

For the generous donation of $25,000 to Winston County Arts Council 

to help with the Renovation of 

Looney's Amphitheater!

Looney’s Arts & Crafts Fair

October 21st

KISS cover band concert at Looney’s

Concerts at Looney’s Amphitheater Complex and Cultural Center

22400 HWy 278 Double Springs, AL

Looney’s Amphitheater Complex and Cultural Center

22400 HWy 278 Double Springs, AL 

Roaring 20’s Murder Mystery Dinner Event at Looney’s Tavern Amphitheater Complex at 

the Sister Sarah’s Dining Room! 

Pat Benatar Tribute band at Looney's

Altar point at Looney’s youth event 

North Alabama Blue Diamond Dancers at Looney’s 

These Blue Diamonds are shining bright! The whole team will be going from Haleyville NYC to dance in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade this November! And after witnessing just a few turns and flips this morning, I can see why! Congrats to the whole team & break a leg! 

K-2 Addison Elementary School

Art Teacher: Deaira Robbins 

These young artists learned about mosaic art and made ice cream cones using tiny bits of colored paper. They also made ‘bubble’ letters from their first initial.  

Addison 5th & 6th Grades

 watercolor butterflies

Addison Elementary School 

Watercolor Paintings

Oil pastels 

with 2 color blends on the sides 

Grades 2 & 3 

Art teacher: Deaira Robbins 

Meek Elementary School's Art Class Create Foxes

May 25th Blue Diamond Dancers Coming to 

Looney’s Indoor Theater 

May 25th @ 7:00pm

My Movie 22.mov

North Alabama Dance Theatre’s Blue Diamond Dancers took in 1st Place and the Entertainment Award!


For the 3rd year in a row, North Alabama Dance Theatre’s Blue Diamond Dancers took in 1st Place and the Entertainment Award  in Advanced Level Small Group Category at Dance Machine Competition in Decatur, AL. 

Kindergarten art at

Meek Elementary School

MHS students design colorful contemporary faces in the style of Canadian artist Sandra Silberzweig. 

Meek Elementary Kindergartners in Mrs. Lindsey Johnson's art Classroom experimenting with paint colors. 

While mixing primary colors they discovered how to make purple, orange and green!

State Tourism Department donates $100,000 to Looney's Tavern repairs

Daily Mountain Eagle Article

EPIC Cinematic Music Video - Wide Open By: Jerome David filmed at 

Looney's entertainment theater

5th graders at Meek Elementary school making clay fish in the school’s pottery studio.  

North Alabama Dance Theater students compete in a competition

Senator Garlan Gudger 

hosts an event 

at Sister Sarah's 

at Looney's EnterTainment theater

work is underway to bring Looney's entertaiNment theater back to life

The Iconic Landmark Flag is back at Looney's Entertainment Theater


Click the link above to read the NWA Article.

Meek Elementary, 3rd graders, made candle holders in the pottery studio. 

3rd and 4th graders at Double Springs Elementary, using oil pastels and tempera paint, to create Fall leaves, raccoons up a tree and haunted houses! Thank you Arts Council arts teacher, Beth Vayda. 

Lindsay Johnson's 5th Grade art class, at Meek, created Pottery pocket pumpkins and paper weaving. 

Addison Elementary students using oil pastels to draw raccoons and colorful leaves for Fall. 

Addison Elementary 5 th grade Painting colorful castles in the style of artist Paul Klee, with art teacher Beth Vayda. 

Meek Elementary Art students design colorful covers for their portfolios. 

On their first day back in the Art Room Meek Elementary students designed colorful covers for their portfolios. Lindsay Johnson is happy to be back teaching art again. 

Justice Sarah Stewart, Katie Britt, Justice Kelli Wise, & Winston County Circuit Clerk J.D. Snoddy 

Supreme Court Justice & Senate Candidate at The Winston County Court House

Dancers were honored to receive a $2000 grant from the Winston County Arts Council to help with teacher professional development in local schools. 

North Alabama dance Theater's Diamond Dancers Receive a Grant from WCAC

WCAC at Arley Day '2022

J.D. and Theresa Snoddy at the Alabama Arts Summit ‘2022 

Concert sponsored by the Winston County Arts Council 

Rick Jobe and his band

Including an appearance from the Blue Diamond Dance Troop!

Catered By: Talk of the Town's, Chef Troy

May 16, 2022 

6:00pm - 9:00pm

Location: The Shady Grove Barn in Double Springs, AL

$20 Per Person: Pay at the Door

Arley art class painting sunflowers to raise money for Ukraine

Source: Daily Mountain Eagle - April 9-10, 2022

ARLEY — An Arley art class, Art with Friends, is accepting donations to aid Ukrainian citizens. In exchange, a small watercolor painting will be gifted back to each donor. 

The first 50 donors will receive an original piece. Subsequent donors will receive printed pieces. All will feature sunflowers, the official flower of Ukraine, chosen by the art class.  

All donations will go directly to Americares, a 501-c-3 charity. The organization is providing medicine, medical supplies, emergency funding and medical professionals to help families in need in Ukraine.

“Sometimes you just have to figure out way to help” was the recurring comment in Susan Ripp’s watercolor class. With concerns over the events in the Ukraine, everyone asked, "What could we do?"

Ripp and her students developed an idea to share their artwork with like-minded folks as encouragement for donations to help the Ukrainian peoples’ struggle. 

Ripp calls her classes "Art with Friends." They have been refining their skills with sunflowers in honor of Ukraine. The plan is to eventually sell printed sunflower notecards and maybe auto decals, but for an immediate start, donations will be collected and forwarded directly to Americares. 

“Art can inspire us, challenge us, move us, and add beauty to our lives," Ripp said. "My hope is that our sunflower project will help lift the hearts of the innocent citizens of Ukraine who are now in their darkest days. May the fields of sunflowers return again, and may the donations we forward help the innocents.” 

Judy Crump of Arley has taken the art classes for several years, and hopes the sunflower donation project will reach beyond the local community. 

“We have the ability to make a difference, and we loved the idea of sharing our sunflowers. The sunflower is a symbol of peace. We all hope for peace and aide to the Ukrainians, especially the children,” Crump said.

Another longtime student, Glennis Posey of Double Springs, emphasized her feelings with, “Ukrainians matter!”

Student Beth Sargent added, “I was so pleased when Susan suggested we do something special to raise money and awareness. We selected Americares because of their low administrative expenses and their commitment to help citizens in Ukraine, half a world away. They have a 4-star (4/4) rating with Charity Navigator. The artwork gift represents a token of appreciation and will encourage local people to give. We all had the same thought — how to help? This is our effort, our contribution.” 

To donate and receive back a piece of art or a print in watercolor or mixed media, make a check payable to Americares and send to Susan Ripp, Art with Friends, 1192 Dave Wilson Circle Houston, AL 35572. 

Be sure to include your return address. Americares checks may also be dropped off at the Smith Lake Community Center on Helicon Road in Arley on Tuesdays 10 a.m. to noon.  

Source: Daily Mountain Eagle - April 9-10, 2022

J.D. Snoddy, Chairman of Arts Council; Katie Britt, and Lamar Frith, Member of Winston County Board of Education.

We appreciate the pottery shop and art room.

J. D. Snoddy, Winston County Arts; Theresa Snoddy, Winston County Arts; Heather Tucker, Principal Double Springs Elementary; Adaleigh, Student; Dr Eric Mackey, State Superintendent; Angie McCullar, Adaleigh’s Teacher

AlabamA superintendent art contest 

Congratulations To:

Adaleigh Batchelor 

She finished 2nd in the State in her division.  

You are Invited to Virgil’s Wedding!


You are cordially invited to the social clash of the decade as Ms. Delainie, a big city wedding planner, has been  hired to direct a simple wedding ceremony for two of Lickskillet’s favorite lovebirds, Margaret and Virgil.

The morning of the wedding is a coordinator’s nightmare. It begins with a skittish bride who thinks she’s promised her love to the wrong man (her mama told her to marry “Mr. Right”), and relatives refuse to cooperate with the fancy city lady’s ideas.

This delightful musical comedy, Virgil’s Wedding, is the latest theatrical production from the Free State Theater Troupe, now presenting its sixth full length stage play. The Winston County Arts Council sponsors this young group of actors who attend schools throughout the county.  

The play’s director, Beth Gilbreath, claims it to be “ supremely entertaining.”  Hunter Miller, actor from Addison High School,  says “I love this play, the role, the people and every memory I’ve made during this experience. I wouldn’t trade it for the world!”

Performances will be held at Double Springs Middle School on Friday, February 25 at 7pm, with matinees on February 26 and 27 at 2:00pm.  Tickets are available at the door for $6 adults and $3 students. No presents or RSVP’s are necessary; just come to the wedding and be glad it’s not yours!

Winston - Opoly

Winston County Themed Monopoly Games are now on sale! The Price of the games will be $25 each. For more information or to ORDER click the link below...

>>>. Community Unity - Double Springs

WCAC Donates to Winston County High Shcools Band, Majorettes, and Clolor Guard.

Principal Heather Tucker, Theresa Snoddy, & J.D. Snoddy

Winston County Arts Council gives art supplies to Double Springs Elementary.  

Wallace State plans $500,000

for Winston County Community Learning Center 

July 14, 2021 • Wallace State Community College President Dr. Vicki Karolewics addresses the Arley Town Council to outline plans for a $500,000 Winston County Learning Center. 

ARLEY, Ala. — Wallace State Community College and the Arley Town Council solidified plans Monday night to establish a $500,000 Community Learning Center on town property next to Meek Baptist Church. A resolution passed by the town council agreed to lease the 4.2-acre property to Wallace State for $1 a year. • Read More >>> 

Filling Empty Bowls Around

Winston County for 2021 

Empty Bowls is a grassroots movement by local artists and crafts people in Winston County to care for and feed the hungry. Plans and preparations are taking place for this year's event with your support. 

Empty Bowls supports food-related concerns in Winston County by raising awareness and funds to help feed the hungry. 

Call for All Artists – Every Empty Bowls Needs to be Filled. 

Contact the Winston County Arts Council Today for Details! 

Snoddy and Sunseri Named North Alabama 

Elite Tourism Professionals 

Two individuals from Winston County have been named North Alabama Elite Tourism Professionals, a program of the Alabama Mountain Lakes Tourist Association (AMLA) where tourism employees demonstrating outstanding customer service and hospitality in the 16-county North Alabama region are recognized in celebration of National Travel and Tourism Week.    Read More at the Northwest Alabamian >>>

JD Snoddy, Winston County Circuit Clerk & Ken Sunseri, Haleyville Mayor          

The Byler Road and Its People: 

The Story of Alabama’s First State Road 

March 10, 2020 • Governor Kay Ivey was presented a book by Theresa Snoddy, co-author of “The Byler Road and Its People: The Story of Alabama’s First State Road,” by Joel Mize, Tuesday, March 10, 2020 in Montgomery, Ala. (Governor's Office/Hal Yeager)  More Pictures on Flickr >>> 

Rocket Art & Popcorn Art

at Lynn Elementary 


Ball & Associates

Better Built Trailers

The BoutiqueClear Creek Lumber

Coca-Cola Co

Econoline Trailers

Free State Boat Docks

Free State Chevron

The Floor Store

Gateway Foodland

Gateway Pharmacy 

Goar’s Big Star

Harrison Drugs

Hometown Tire & Lube


John’s Place

Lakeshore Quick Stop

Leapfrogs & Lilypads

Piggly Wiggly-Haleyville

Posey Supply


R&R Trucking 

Rob Noblett

Rock Creek Studios

Rosey Posey’s

Rowe Building & Supply

Smith’s Salvage

Son’s of Arley

Southern Furniture Superior Sleep Solutions

Texaco-Double Springs

Lori Tomlinson

Tommy Moore-Sheriff

Town of Double Springs 

Traders & Farmers Bank

Treasure Hunters

Ellis Wade

The Warehouse of Shady Grove

Diane Watson


Judge Mary Windom

Winston Auto Parts

Sandra Wright-Revenue Commissioner

Thomas Martin 

Winston County Arts Council is a non-profit organization formed exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. Our goals are to bring formal art education to all students of Winston County, to make multidisciplinary fine arts more accessible to all citizens of the area, and to keep the folk arts of this rural hill country alive through education, presentations, and exhibitions.

Winston County Arts Council Board Members 

J. D. Snoddy, Chairman 

Harold Bearden

Brenda Brooks

Stanley & Cindy Bryant

Sandra Heaven

Diane Sharron

Blythe & Larry Welton

Marla Murrah

Susan Ripp & Joe Towey

 J.D. & Theresa Snoddy

Shirley Sudduth

PO Box 436, Arley, AL 35541

Phone: 205-489-2826 or 205-489-6569

Email the Winston County Arts Council 

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We would like to say thank you to all of our patrons and members for their ongoing support of the Winston County Arts Council! 

It's Time to Donate to the Arts!

The Arts Council needs and appreciates your donations to keep our programs functioning! We pay school art, music and drama teachers’ salaries, purchase clay by the ton and provide summer and winter community concerts. Please join us in bringing the arts to Winston County.

WCAC    P.O. Box 436,   Arley, AL. 35541

WCAC is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization.

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